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“Professional Targeting Stands & Assessories"

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“Performance & Accuracy"

The Speed Of The Draw Is Everything

The Tameshigiri-Pro Cutting products are the most advanced cutting platforms of their kind for either beginner or experienced practitioner of the sword in the pursuit of Form, Accuracy and Ability. Building both speed and accuracy in the way of the Japanese sword drawing arts and Cutting techniques of Tameshigiri. Now you can make this ancient skill of the Japanese Masters ever more possible with blinding accuracy. The Versatility of our products gives you the capability through practicing the ability to execute precision cuts and strikes like never before, moving your Katana or Bokken through a dynamic range of motion from either a sheathed weapon or Kamae posture in order to make every possible cut strike It's target with precision and deadly accuracy. All is possible with our stands from striking using a Bokken, Jo Staff, or Nunchaku weapon to live practice with a Razor sharp Katana blade. Think of this apparatus as a way of giving you an edge and opportunity to focus your skills with greater precision, with such dynamic range and speed that cutting an Apple in half is as possible as striking the head of a match or the wick of a candle flame. For Martial Arts Equipment, Targeting Stands for Martial Arts In Torquay or in General look no further, "for if you buy the best, you only need to buy once".


Tameshigiri-Pro Video Demo

Sensei Treanor demonstrates the Honjojutsu art of the "Fast Draw" in this remarkable video presentation for the promotion of both Honjojutsu and the Tameshigiri-Pro targeting stands made by Tameshigiri-Pro. This video gives a unique perspective of hand and eye coordination, with both speed and accuracy of the draw to target. We would like again to thank Sensei Treanor for his assistance in the promotion of all our targeting stands in his videos.

Introducing The Products

"Never Miss Your Target"


Pro Stand

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A single cutting platform for targeting practice when in Kamae posture or Rising from Seiza posture.


Pro Stool

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A single cutting platform for target practice when in Seiza posture, or rising from a kneeling position.


Pro-Giri Stand

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A multi cutting platform for targeting practice using the Kesa line from either a Rising from Seiza posture.


Pro Launcher

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Firing 10 Pingpong Balls at 10 second intervals for the practice of striking moving objects.