Tameshigiri-Pro Stand

"Professional & Functional Reusable Targeting Stand"

We at Tameshigiri-Pro are delighted to introduce our new hand-crafted cutting stands and Pro-Stools. Designed by Master Of Arts Sensei Treanor, 10th Dan Honjojutsu Katori Ryu Swordsman and Master of the Kokido-Ryu-Ninjutsu for over 35 years. This product enables the practitioner of the Martial Arts the ability improve both accuracy and speed of many weapons used in Martial Arts disciplines of today, such as the Katana, Bokken, Jo Staff, Nunchaku and many more, giving definition and form as an advantage in refining your cutting techniques and Kamae stance in the Dojo or outdoors in the pursuit of Mastering your Craft.

Weight - 7.02kg

Height - 41-1/2 inch Lowest

Elevated - 69-1/2 inch Max

Pedestal Base - 16 inch approx

Table - 7-1/2 inch

All our Tameshigiri-Pro Stands are made from a durable reinforced Canadian pine, of which can be easily disassembled using an Allan Key for quick transportation. The Tameshigiri-Pro comes with either a three or six bobbin mount giving the user a variety of holders to mount objects from in order to target cut or strike. The practice and art of Tameshigiri has now become more precise and refined when using our Pro products enhancing and encouraging technique already practiced and taught under instruction, giving the user a more focused ability from the Iaido aspect of the draw to the precision of each cut of the blade at the point of impact. 

Lighting A Match With A Pro Stand

Tameshigiri-Pro demonstration video in association with Honjojutsu Katori Ryu school of Swordsmanship. Sensei Treanor gives a dynamic demonstration of lighting a Match on a Tameshigiri-Pro Giri Stand at a draw speed of 0.400th of a second to target, and igniting a common household match using just his Katana blade.

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"If You Blink Your Eyelids Then It Will Be To Late"

Adjustable Hight

From a Standing posture the practitioner can adjust the hight of the elevation for effective targeting.

Reinforced Contact Areas

All potential areas of the stand effected by Wayward strikes of the Katana Blade are reinforced.

Quick Disassemble

The Pro-Stool can be quickly disassembled by un screwing four hex Bolts located on each leg for convenience.

Three Target Bobbins

Each target Bobbin hold a specific target in place securely for use and replaced quickly and practically.

Ridged & Durable

All our stands are made from a tough Canadian reinforced Pine, with a triple lacquered acrylic finish.

Tetrapod Design

The Tetrapod design is used to ensure a more stable platform against incoming forces from a Katana Bade.